Recurring bladder infections

Again and again bladder infection this doesn't have to be the case!

Bladder infection in the winter because you are constantly cold, in spring because you overestimate the sun, in summer because you get cold in wet bathing suits, in Autumn ...

Inflammation of the urinary tract

Bladder infection

Urinary incontinence

Support of kidney function

Difficulty urinating

Two specially coordinated preparations form the basis of the bladder cure.  It lasts four to five weeks, during which you will receive ten injections.  With this regimen, the eliminating functions of the bladder and kidneys are strengthened and the risk of re-infection is reduced.  Irritable bladder and urinary incontinence and support of kidney function.  Injection solution is mainly used for inflammatory diseases and to stimulate the immune system.

With recurring infections, it is important to strengthen the urinary tract and stimulate the immune system.  A special biological injection regimen can help to keep unpleasant bladder infections under control.

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