8 regular checkups for people with type 2 diabetes

The Trust is good, control is better!  Thanks to our modern health system, there are a number of regular checkups for people with diabetes.  In order not to lose the overview, we have summarized the most important studies.

Since we Humans are not Machines and there is no spare parts  in this sense, we have to take special care of ourselves and our bodies.  Your Car also has to go for a checkup at regular intervals.  And just as there is a logbook for the Car, there is also the “Diabetes Health Passport” .  Your Doctor can issue one for you so that you too have a good overview of your examinations.  What is legally anchored in the car is up to you in terms of health.  So make appointments, have a check-up and you and your monster can sleep peacefully.

1.HbA1c control - the long-term memory

Target range: (differes individually)
Recommend: every 3 months to 6 months in the doctor's office

2. Blood pressure control

Target range: below 140/90 mmHg
Recommend: every 3 months in the doctor's office

3. Control of blood lipids

Once a year. The blood lipid levels, especially cholesterol (LDL and HDL) and triglycerides, should also be determined

Recommend: 1x annual blood sample

4. Control of the eyes

Recommend: With healthy eyes, the preventive check-up every 2 years is sufficient.  If you already have retinopathy then at least once a year

5. Examination of the kidneys

Recommend: at least once a year, in the case of increased values, a new recommendation suggests examination with a 3-month intervals

6. Regular examination of the feet / Doppler legs

Recommend: once a year

7. Examination of the injection sites (for insulin therapy)

Recommend: at least twice a year

8. Regular dental examination