Kinesio taping as pain therapy

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Kinesio taping as a pain therapy

About 30 years ago the Japanese chiropractor Kenzo Kase developed a special plaster: highly elastic, breathable and skin-friendly.

The tape expands and contracts like a second skin without restricting the movement.  This constant stimulus is suppose to tone or detone thr muscle tension by activating various receptors and trigger a signal which is transmitted to the central nervous system, especially the pain receptors.

It relieves pain and stimulates metabolism.  With the Kinesio-Tape, painful diseases of the muscles, tendons and skeletal system can be treated

Musculoskeletal pain

Discomfort in the knee, ankle or shoulder joint

Tension (e.g. in the back or neck)

Tennis elbow

muscular injuries (e.g. torn muscle fiber)

Inflammation (e.g. irritation of the Achilles tendon)


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